Friday, July 22, 2005


ok well I have pretty much stopped posting on this blog beacuse I have been using my other blog at Why? because this way when you type my name into google my blog comes up, yay! I may sometime start writing in this again, but at the moment I am just not talented enough to write in two different journals.
Hugs and kisses,

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Monday, February 28, 2005

me climbing emory pass

Monday, January 31, 2005


So it has once again been a while since I wrote an entry. If anyone besides Sarah reads this than they can blame it on sarah for taking my time. Not like I'm putting up much of a fight though. It looks Like I haven't posted in about 2 weeks so I'll give a short run down. Last weekend I did the shootout for the first time this year. I was doing good and feeling strong on th eway out to madera, but then my cleat decided to come off my shoe, giving me the wonderful opportunity to pedal one legged back towards civilization for an 90 minutes. That evening Sarah and I went to Ironwood Ridge's winter formal. We had a really good time and it was one of the best formals I have been to. School has been mainly uneventful. In psychology I am going up to Phoenix on the 16th of february to do the Brain Bee, a contest that is for the brain (who would have thought). Eric has been driving me to school the past week or so now that he has his permit. So that is an adventurous way to start my day. This weekend I went up to florence to do the AZ TT #1 which I wrote about in my other journal, it went pretty good and I think I did well results wise. My next race is in Phoenix a few weeks from now. Anyways that is all for now.

Monday, January 17, 2005

MLK weekend

Ok I have been pretty bad about updating this blog and I'm sorry. Hopefully during the raceseason I will be better about letting people know what is going on. This weekend my parents went out of town, so Jake came up here and we did a couple rides. Saturday we went out to mamoth for a little under 5 hours of riding and yesterday we jast did a little 3 hour ride. The manchild is looking pretty strong and trim, were both looking to have a good year this season.
On saturday sarah and i had been dating for six months, so in true brian fashion (cheap jew) she came over and we made some homemade raviolies. They were deliscious. We kicked the poor manchild out to the trailer for a little while but all was well. After dinner we had a traditional tv watching night. On the couch watching southpark. It was awesome. I'm glad my girlfriend understands that I'm broke and I can't be out late, and I have to rest. Ahh life is good.
Oh yeah, a few of my teammates went over to san diego to do some training this weekend. They better not have paid for the hotels with team money because it was like stevie and brent, that is not a team function. I don't know why they don't come down here and do the shootout, one of the best group rides in the country, and ride with all the pros in town. Also the weather was colder in San Deigo this weekend than it was here. Ha I laugh at them.
Oh I almost forgot, The Manchild ate it on our way back from Mammoth. It was awesome, at least he didn't hurt himself. Also I will be starting a more cycling oriented blog at I will definatly be updating this on a regular basis when I'm in Europe this summer.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Chilly weather

Ok the computer is back up and working, which makes me happy;) This week the cool weather settled in on tucson. Now before reading this remember that 50 degrees is pretty cold to me, this is Tucson. On Tuesday the cold weather rolled in after a wicked rainstorm, making for an awesome 2 hour ride in the freezing rain. Yesterday the clouds moved out but the cold stayed. Today I did my first hard training ride of the season. By hard I mean structured intervals above LT. They went very well and I look forward to doing them again soon.
Last week the Manchild came and stayed with me for a few days while sarah was in Cali. We got in some sweet rides and we had fun being idolized by lil' jakes friends. We looked so pro. Anyhoo maybe I'll get some pictures up soon.
Oh yeah I don't know if I written since christmas, but I got a skateboard from Sarah. It is awesome I've been playing on it quite a bit.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Winter Break

Hey whats up? Thought I would bring everyone up to date. Right now I'm at my home with the Manchild (he's sleeping like a baby in the back) he's staying at my place until we go to phoenix tommorow. That is if the pussies running the team up there don't cancel the camp because "it might rain." My response was ".......and????" How the hell is stevie going to train while in Europe this summer? I guess he'll just take half of the days off up there and hardly ever race. But enough of slamming on my new pansy teammates, Jake and I will have to show them how real men ride.
Last week I rode with lil' jake a few times, that was cool. Hopefully he'll have a good season next year. I was going to put some pics of him on the site but or laptop decided that it is not even going to turn on. Joy. I only have all of my training logs, spreadsheets and about 150 pictures on there. I figured it would be the one working the longest. Oh well, maybe later it will start to work again. I might have to take it down to nik. What is cool is that if the laptop stops working and is irrepariabl maybe I'll get my Apple iBook earlier than planned. Sweet!. Last week I did a 20 hour riding week and I've been building non stop since thanksgiving, so this week I get a rest week with Monday and Friday off. Pretty sweet, except sarah is in cali. So until jake came up here there wasn't much to do. I hung out with erica yeasterday though so Monday went by fairly quickly, but I wish Sarah was here. That is what would be cool if the Camp gets canceled. Then I might go over to california for thursday and friday and chill with sarah and her, supposidly, much cooler family over there.